Awesome facts about Horse Racing!

Do you know that this sport was so much famous among royals that it was called the “Sport of kings”!

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Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in human history and it traces back its root to the prehistoric period.

Now let’s take a ride on our horse and take a brief tour of the history of horse racing!

Early history

  • There are some presumptions that this sport had its roots in the prehistoric period, but we do not have any substantial proof to support this claim.
  • However, the first original records state that it was held in the Olympic Games of Greece around 700-40 BCE.
Photo by Philippe Oursel on Unsplash
  • Romans were the major pioneer of this sport however, soon other countries like China, and the middle east followed, with frequently organized races.
  • Although the sport is associated with leisure activity or entertainment however it was said that sometimes horses on sale were used to be ridden in such races to show their stamina and speed.

Changes in the Medieval period

  • Several kings started organizing more and more races and some of the prominent names were Richard the Lionheart (1189–99), Henry VIII, James I, and Charles II (reigned 1660–85) aka “the father of the English turf”.

Modern scenario

  • With time the sport turned from being just a leisure sport to a public entertainment event. Thus, various leagues and races were organized to enhance the potential of the game.
Photo by Philippe Oursel on Unsplash
  • Some of the important mentions are St. Leger (1776), the Oaks (1779) and the Derby (1780).

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