Simple morning beginner friendly exercises to start your day!

Don’t have time for the gym but still want to focus on physical fitness? We all are aware of the benefits of physical activities but most of us are so busy in life that although we do want to take care of our body but doesn’t know what or where to begin with.

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So here is a quick simple morning exercise for beginners to kick start their day:


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So, you don’t have to do heavy weight exercises just walking for 10-15 minutes or a little jogging would be good enough to begin the routine.

These are the options that you can go for: Jogging in one place, high knees etc.


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After jogging do some basic stretching like arm and hip circles since this will prepare your muscles for the upcoming exercises.

Circuit training

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It involves building strength and muscle stamina. It involves a series of short exercises done one after another with varying rest time in between. It engages your complete body hence a great way to achieve your fitness goal.

You can go for: Planks, Push-ups, Skater hops, Glute bridges, etc.


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Do some basic stretches in a sitting or lying position since these will bring back your heart rate to normal and will also stretch the muscles and now you are ready to kickstart your day!

According to a research paper published in the National Library of Medicine, daily morning exercises can help in weight management as well as can reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Another study done in 2019 states that morning exercise can help maintain brain health with age.

I can understand that it can be difficult in the initial days but try giving it a shot and I can guarantee you’ll fall in love with this simple morning routine exercises!

Please let us know what your take on this and feel free to share your initial struggles or favorite exercises in the comment section.

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