An exciting List of extreme sport!

Need to feel that adrenaline rush? Then welcome to the world of extreme sports.

Extreme sports are a little bit different from mainstream sports and are known for the thrill, fun, and testing the human limits.

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So, if you want to get that wow factor, and are ready for a thrilling experience then here is an exciting list for you!

Bungee Jumping

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It involves jumping from a high platform while being connected to an elastic cord. It involves free fall and the initial moments are just CRAZYY! But face your fears, test your limits and take a jump!


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This includes moving down a slope in an inflatable ball which is called Zorb. Usually it is played on slopes however it can be played on water too.


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Ready for combat? Gather your friends and sign up for this. This sport is a package! It will give you that adrenaline rush, you’ll be making strategies, working in coordination, and leading a team. All in all a great sport.


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Perhaps the most well known action sport. It involves a free fall from an aircraft and then landing on the ground with the help of a parachute.

San Fermin (Running of the Bulls)

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It’s a weeklong celebration held yearly in Spain. As the name suggests you have to run off the bulls.

And the list goes on..

Caution: Extreme sports will give you the thrill but they do come along with a certain amount of risks. So, make sure you have all the essentials and the sport is played under professional guidance.

Take care of the basics and you are good to go!

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