Sports for teenagers! But why?

An age of fun and adventure, when you experience a sudden burst of emotions, you become sensitive or get mood swings, you have this urge to experience, to explore everything at once!

This pretty much sums up your condition when you hit puberty.

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Now you’ll say how come sports is related to teenage? Sports can help you navigate easily through this tricky yet fascinating phase! 

Sounds interesting? No? Okay, no worries let’s go through this list and then decide.

A productive way to channel your energy

Due to hormonal changes in your body you experience certain changes both physically and mentally. To give you a context, your “amygdala” which is an organ in the brain and performs important functions like decision making and controlling emotions increases its size significantly thus it becomes more active and this is why teenagers tend to be more aggressive, however, sports can be an excellent outlet for such emotional changes. It will give you a direction to put your energy and strength to the right use.

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Builds emotional strength

Losing, winning, challenges, injuries and failures will prepare you for the highs & lows in life! You’ll learn to deal with life.

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Shapes your character

You tend to become more responsible and more aware of your actions, you’ll learn self-discipline which ultimately prepares you for life.

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Teaches you cooperation and coexistence

Sports help you to make bonds with people, you become more socialized. You get to experience some of the amazing qualities like team spirit, and wonders that teamwork can bring! 

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A study by “Erin M. Boone and Bonnie J. Leadbeater” states that a cross-sectional study of about 449 Canadian students was conducted (49.7% girls). And it was found that when these students were involved in team sports they showed lesser signs of depression.

Isn’t that great?

So this is our take on the benefits of sports for teenage. Please let us know your thoughts on this we’ll be happy to hear from you!

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