10 Lessons by NBA Players!

Magic Johnson

One of the best quotes for team spirit! In our lives too, you can’t survive alone, and trust me there are actually some very nice people out there who are helpful, kind, and caring, but you need to ask yourself first what you can do for them! Although keep the toxic people out of your life but make sure that you are not one of them 😊.

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Michael Jordan

Don’t shy away from failures, own them, and remember you only fail when you try and that is an achievement itself because some people are even scared to try!

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Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Again a great quote to live by, you are bound to make mistakes but the fact that you never quit will create history!

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Larry Bird

A man’s character is tested when he is given power. So, keep working for your best version because it’s a journey!

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Isiah Thomas

What a passionate quote! This man loved what he did. So, the lesson is to keep searching for your passion, keep on hustling until you find things that excite you, and inspire you!

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Shaquille O’ Neal

Yes, we all are imperfect and that is absolutely perfect! So the catch is to live like a student, and keep on learning, even though you’re an “expert” there is so much more in the box!

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Julius Erving

All procrastinators may I have your attention please 😊. Sometimes I’m just amazed at my level of procrastination! And the funny thing is you know what is good for your body but you do exactly the opposite. So break your shell, be uncomfortable, take risks and live your life!

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Pete Maravich

Consistency is the key I must say. No matter how hard or impossible it may seem just hold on to your patience and persistence and things will start falling in line.

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Jerry West

A gem!

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Michael Jordan

Has to be one of my personal favorites, such a beautiful analogy!

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